Give Back!!

I can remember having my mom and my sisters by my side as I stayed up all night working on a science project that was due the next day. I sit and reminisce and think back to warm summer days of begging my dad for money for the ice cream truck. Over millions of children in the United States don’t have a parent in the household to pass these memories down to them, instead they have a childhood that is missing someone to guide them and mentor them. There are many children that have no one to give them words of encouragement or guide them to the greatness that they are capable of achieving.
There are many situations and circumstances within the home that prevents prevent children from being given the opportunity to have having an adult role model in their lives to mentor and guide them. Many children have a one parent household which may prevent children prevents them from having someone there with them most of the time. Because of these circumstances Also single parents may miss many activities are missed by single parents because of due to work and other obligations. With the support of volunteer mentors and mentorship programs who donate their time to children in need can provide children with the guidance that they need. There are a lot of children who come from broken households and adult mentors and role models can help to offset the negativity that may be present in that home. Through continued involvement, the adult offers support, guidance, and assistance as the younger person goes through a difficult period, faces new challenges, or works to correct earlier problems.

The dangers of not having a role model or someone in their life could be something that is detrimental to a child growing up. I was raised by parents who were foster parents to many children who needed guidance and stability in their lives. Had it not been for their time and patience I shudder to think of where those children might otherwise have ended up.  I shudder to think where I might have ended up had not those same parents who were foster parents to so many became the adoptive parents that my brother and I so dearly needed. In today’s society we see the violence and heartache that occur on the streets every day by adolescents with no real adult supervision at home. Coming home to an empty home turns many children to seek companionship in the streets. "Children are lacking guidance. A lot of them, they're looking to gangs because they seek belonging, and because it provides some kind of direction," said Mulitalo, a recent Willamette University graduate. (Gangs feed on troubled teens' need for a feeling of belonging, 2008). Having someone to teach them morals and helping them believe in themselves is something that keeps a child from turning down the wrong path.

There are many ways to become a mentor in a child’s life and it can bring joy to both you and the child. As of 1993, there were over 495 different mentorship programs available today the number triple that! There are many ways to help out in a community by donating and help building recreation centers for children to have some where constructive to spend their time. Organizing block parties, volunteering in local schools and churches, and helping out in your community can also help contribute to becoming a positive role model in a child’s life. Volunteering can help you give back to the community as well as help a child feel that someone cares about them. National research has shown that positive relationships between youth and their mentors have a direct and measurable impact on children's lives. In today’s society we see the violence and heartache that occur on the streets every day by adolescents with no real adult supervision at home. How many of those crimes could have been prevented had those children had someone to turn to or someone to listen to. You mentoring a child could mean the difference between a better chance of that child turning to a life of crime or that child becoming a leader of our country tomorrow. You should become a mentor so that we can give children the encouragement and the guidance that is so desperately needed.

Tee Marie...