Say Goodbye.....

Growing up, my biggest concern was whether or not my mom was going to give me extra money for the ice cream truck, or whether I could have an extra piece of cake for desert. Now as I sit back and reminisce about how carefree my life use to be, I’m forced to take a good hard look at the struggles I’m faced with now. Gone are the days of being carefree and only having to worry about pint sized issues. Those days have been replaced with days of being a mother, a wife, a Marine, and still having to find time to be a writer. The days of kicking back and eating ice cream cones on the front porch are instead replaced with doctor visits, parent teacher conferences and office mayhem.
But what happens when the normalcy of our problems become abnormal? What happens when what should only be minor pebbles in our everyday life instead become huge boulders that we try to take on?
As we mature our problems mature, this we all know. But how do we cope with these maturing problems when they grow to become bigger than the average headaches? The saying “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle” is often said in times when we feel as if we’ve reached our limit. The problem though, is that we are the ones giving ourselves much more than we can handle, not God. We are the ones that instead of walking away from the drama that sometimes plague our lives embrace it and wallow in it. We continue to give that drama life and even feed into it, nourishing it and helping it grow. When this happens, it’s sad to say but we have no one to blame but ourselves. We must take ownership over what is going on in our lives. When drama rings our door bell, we have the choice of saying “No thank you” or “I’m not interested” but instead we offer it a seat on our couch and tell it to make itself at home. With as short time as we all have in this world why spend it entertaining an unwanted guest?