In the last few months I've come to realize that we live in a changing but unchanging world. We live in a world where many are still filled with hate and racism.  A world that no matter what random acts of violence occur,  we are hard pressed to take a stand against because money continues to motivates those in a position to take that stand.

Is this the world that will be left to my daughter's and one day to my grandchildren?  Is this the country that I will one day say I defended against all enemies foreign and domestic?

Or is there still hope? Is there still time to preess that infamous restart button? Can we once again make this world a better one? Can we once again call our country home of the free? Free for our elders to walk the streets of what is known as little "ChIraq" and to once again have it just be known as The Windy City?

Can we rewind to the times of not being afraid of attending sporting events or for our children to go off to school without the fear of a madmen never letting them kiss their mothers again or hug their daddies again? Can we?

Can we hit the Restart?