About Author Tee Marie

Tee Marie (born 27 April 1978) is an upcoming author.

At the age of 10 she wrote her first piece and had it published after winning the Young Authors Award in Chicago Il. Since then she has always had a yearning to be a writer She was raised in Chicago and became what society would label as a troubled teen.

At 16, Tawanda was expelled from school; which became the turning point of her life. She joined the United States Marine Corps in the summer of 95 after graduating, and went to Marine Corps basic training in December of 1996. She never looked back In January 2003 she was deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. After being stationed in such places as Camp Pendleton CA, Jacksonville NC, and Charlotte NC, she is currently stationed in Detroit MI.

Now years later this talented poet has decided to finally follow her aspirations of becoming a writer.
Look for "Redemption" to be released winter of 2010!

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to take that first step and follow ones dreams. “Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try". Determination breeds progress. --Tee Marie

My Work......

How can I let go?

How can I?
When I can still feel her, still see her

Still hear her, still wanna reach for her

When her smile still haunts me

Her death still unsettles me

How do I let go?

Why do I have to find a way to deal with it

It was never I who asked for this shit

Oh I forgot, I am supposed to mask my misery

Better yet pack up my tears and walk away

Take comfort in knowing she is in a better place

Knowing I'll never again get to see the smile on her face


I get it

I see

Death is natural they say

She lived a long life they say

None of this helps to keep the pain at bay

None of it helps me get through the day

So you tell me

How do I let go?

Tell me..............................

Tee Marie