Warriors for a Cause

Operation Heroes Connect is a non-profit organization that partners volunteer service members and veterans with at risk youth. Founded in 2011, Operation Heroes Connect wanted to give back to the communities that have continued to support us. With so many children in need of a positive role model in their lives, the service members and veterans of OPHC can answer that call.

Our mission at Operation Heroes Connect is to help provide assistance to at risk adolescents, by helping them to explore and access the support, resources and opportunities necessary for them to reach their full potential and make positive choices in their lives. Operation Heroes Connect provides support, guidance, friendship, role modelling, assistance, and an attentive ear to those in need.

A recent Question & Answer with the organizations CEO & Founder, Tawanda “Tee” Hanibleprovided an even better look into this valuable resource. This is what we asked, and this is what the very busy but highly focused “woman on a mission” offered us: